Popular Procedures Available At Sugar Land Cosmetic Surgery

Dr John Nguyen and Sugar Land plastic surgery provide a wide variety of cosmetic, corrective, and reconstructive surgery procedures. Here are just some of the most popular procedures that are offered at Sugar Land Cosmetic Surgery.

Eye Augmentation: If you have a large eye or need some additional vision, Sugar Land Cosmetic Surgery will be able to provide you with a customized eye lift that will increase the amount of peripheral vision that is available to you. Contact Dr John Nguyen in Houston from Sugar Land Plastic Surgery. This type of surgery will allow you to wear contact lenses, glasses, or even get a custom made contact lens. To receive this procedure, your doctor will take a detailed history and evaluate your physical characteristics before they determine the best type of surgery for you.

Liposuction: Many people have a hard time eating foods that are too heavy. Your surgeon will help to remove excess fats and excess tissue from the abdominal area, hips, legs, and arms. Your doctor will be able to tell what type of liposuction is necessary for you based on the information that they have gathered from your physical examination. This type of surgery is usually used to improve the size of a particular area of your body. Choose Award Winning Plastic Surgeon Dr John Nguyen from Sugar Land Plastic Surgery.

Breast Reduction: You can get a mastopexy to correct some irregularities in the shape of your breasts. Sugar Land Cosmetic Surgery can perform this type of surgery at their facility. Before this procedure, your doctor will ask for information from you about your breasts and how they are shaped. The surgeon will then evaluate your breasts, determine what kind of breast reduction is most appropriate, and get the necessary lab results from an imaging procedure. In most cases, your doctor will also do an ultrasound to make sure that there are no complications in the surgery site.

Face lifts: For those who have facial asymmetries such as an uneven nose or chin, Sugar Land Cosmetic Surgery can perform this type of cosmetic surgery. For a Houston Plastic Surgery Clinic contact Dr John Nguyen from Sugar Land Plastic Surgery. This procedure is often done on patients who are suffering from facial aging or who have some type of facial trauma.

Gum Contouring and reshaping: Gum contouring can enhance the appearance of your smile by reducing the appearance of gaps between your teeth. This type of surgery involves removing the excess skin from the corners of your mouth and improving the appearance of the gums and supporting structures surrounding your teeth.